Welcome to this month’s RemARKable blog tour, this month we are all spotlighting the new in-colors and the awesome bundle where you get a discount for buying all the 5 new stamp pads together with the matching cardstock asst pack.  It is like getting the cardstock FREE!

 So the other night at my weekly team gathering we affectionately call TaDa! Tuesday, we were playing with the wax paper ‘resist’ technique using the wax paper left over when we use it to lube the thinlets for the butterflies and other shapes.

Here is an example of the finished cards…resist cards 3

and hopefully you can see the images of the butterflies, etc in the background.

To create this we took our wax paper ‘leftovers’, sandwiched them between 2 pieces of whisper white cardstock, and then I put them in my tee shirt heat press for a few seconds.

OK, ok, I guess you could use an iron if you didn’t have an industrial heat press in your studio, but we TaDa’s do things BIG!  haha

Then you take the wax paper and sponge and swirl and dab and smear and otherwise just get some ink on the cardstock.

Here is the secret.  When you get the color you want on the paper, wipe over it hard with a paper towel!  Hard!  This will remove the ink that is over the waxy places.

resist cards 1 I went light on mine, here are a few of the other cards, obviously you can get 4 card fronts from one sheet.

resist cards 2


And then I traded one of my card fronts for a brighter version another TaDa did.

Same colors, different concentrations and wow!  what a difference.  I love them both!


I used the Watercolor Wings Stamp set and the awesome Butterfly thinlets.

Hope you like the cards and try the technique… it is irRESISTable….

Check out the bundle and ENJOY it!  Free cardstock is GOOD!


So on to the next blog of Ann Matasci, and can’t wait to see what she has been doing!

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