This month’s blog tour is some Eggs-tra fun ideas for Easter.

I once saw a card that said ‘if you can find the carefully hidden Easter egg inside this card, I will give you a KISS!’

And then inside was a HUGE egg not hidden at all.  That made me smile and had a fun pay-off when I gave it to my then current boyfriend.

So each year I create a card that reminds me of that card long ago.

Easter pop-up 1This year’s version is a fun folding pop-up card that has a big ole egg in it (of course), but it is a fun technique card that you might enjoy making and putting your own personal spin on.

Here are the details on how to do just that!

Easter pop-up 4First I used our awesome  new scalloped tag punch to make the part that ‘pops’ up.

Then I cut a piece of the Sale-a-Bration DSP to a 2 1/2x 6″ piece, and put it OVER the guides in the tag punch to punch the end.

Easter pop-up 8Just visually center it on the punch and push in to the end where it will punch.

You will get a piece that looks like this. Easter pop-up 9 Just trim the strip off and round that outside corner.

Then put the ribbon thru the holes

Easter pop-up 10Easter pop-up 11

Easter pop-up 12

and layer the tags matting them and hiding the ribbon at the same time.

Trim off to just under 5 1/2″ to make sure the tag fits in the envelope!





Here is the cardstock that makes up the base of the card, a piece that is half a sheet cut longways, 4 1/4 x 11″

Score this sheet at 1″, 2 3/4″,3 3/4″, 5 1/2″, and then flip and do the same from the other end.  You will end up at the 5 1/2″ mark, but instead of scoring again, make a cut on the score line you already did that is a tad over 2 1/2″ long.  Start at the middle of the cardstock ( 2 1/8″) and cut 1 1/4″ in each direction.

Easter pop-up 5

Trust me, it works with our Stampin’ Up! cutter and will be easy!

Fold on all the score lines and put the matted tag into and thru the slit in the base cardstock.

Easter pop-up 6Put redliner tape on one of the folded end pieces that are now in the middle.  bring the bottom of the tag down even with the fold and adhere to the redliner.

Press the other end of the base piece to this one.

Easter pop-up 2


I put ‘grass’ on the front of my base.

Here is a side view that is easier to see what you are doing here.

I also attached another line of grass to the middle on a folded ‘hinge’ piece because I liked the 3-D look!

Easter pop-up 3

And this is what it looks like folded up ready to go in the envelope!  Fits great and has a surprise of that BIG egg.

  Now I am off to find my hubby and see if he can find the ‘hidden’ egg for a kiss…  hehe.  See you next time!



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