Welcome everyone to another Global Trip Achievers Blog Hop! This month we are sharing some of the highlights from the trip to Thailand we all just returned home from.  This was literally on the opposite side of the world for us… 12 hours time difference.  A week later, that is still affecting me a bit, but this is worth every little bit of sleep lost.  This adventure was not even on my radar before!

And WOW, what an adventure!

When we started planning this trip with the travel agency for Stampin’ Up!, we kinda thought some type of pre-trip would be great.  Not like we are on the other side of the world often, you know!  The first flights had us connecting thru Seoul, South Korea.  Ummm, not crazy about being that close to missile tests personally.  So I asked on a FB group where others were transferring.

This simple question began the planning of a fun pre-trip with some of the best folks I have ever met!  We decided to transfer and extend in Beijing, China and go walk on the Great Wall of China.  Now THAT was a bucket list item!!!

Here is a pic of us on the wall with a little sign I made for us to hold up and then Ken and I with another. It is actually hard to see the Great Wall in pictures, but it went right along the ridge of the mountains. How amazing is it that a hillbilly girl from the mountains of NC is standing on the Great Wall of China?   The ‘history’ of this place we were standing was just overwhelming.  So we took it all in, and celebrated by going to a real Chinese buffet with the biggest lazy Susan I have ever seen.  lol

We also saw the Summer Palace, some of the buildings from the Beijing Oympics, Tienanmen Sq, the Forbidden City, a Clooney billboard (no translation needed!)…. and the dreaded squat toilet with no TP!!!  (we brought wipes, thank goodness we were warned about no TP first)  There was fabulous art and beauty there, but as blonde (and tall) Americans, we were quite the curiosity.  The people were rude and pushy, had never heard taking turns or ‘No, not interested in buying that’.  Bottom line… loved seeing the sights, had fun with our group.  But China as a whole?  Been there, done that, checked off our list.  lol

So on to Thailand and the real start of the Stampin’ Up! Incentive trip.  Ah, Thailand, the land of Smiles  What a difference! A few pics of this fabulous resort, how they spoiled us immediately, and of course, some great friends I was so pleased to catch up with.  Plus the next trip announcement… Greek Isles!

The next day was a prearranged couples spa massage day.  Actually, the first day some of the Beijing girls and I discovered the Massage tent run by locals on the beach.  And the price?  400 Baht for 1 hour.  That is around $12 USD!!!  Over a dozen tables with demos on them already, but there were 3 tables open for us.  Most folks had on bathing suits.  We did not but when we heard the price, we all striped down to our sports bras and drawers right there and climbed on the tables.  LOL!

There was a little moment of pause for me as I laid on the table and Kylie Bertucci got on the table next to me in my underwear.  Kylie was fine, but Bruno on the table next to her was awkward at first.   Not for long, and I did have a nice convo with Kylie as we both enjoyed the experience.  Bruno was pretty happy over there, too.  Boy, was Ken surprised when he came to retrieve me, and Bejing buddies, Robyn and Teri.  No shame… we were all too relaxed.  A funny memory.  hehe

Here are some highlights of the day,  starting with some stamping fun with friends, wonderful treats in the hospitality room, and the ride to the fancy Spa.  Check out the overhead wires… amazing there was any electricity at all.

The next day was an organized full day for all the achievers.  Speedboats, kayaks, a cool floating village we toured, James Bond Island and a fabulous leisurely picnic and opportunity to play in the Indian Ocean.  My friend and Beijing group buddy, Jeanne Moss and I, posing again with our sign (ignore the beach hair) after spending some extended quality time chatting with Rich Jutkins, the President of SU.  such a great time and conversation.  Love how the corporate team is so open with the demos on these trips.  Really special!

The next couple of days were full of more fun with friends, amazing experiences, and treasured memories.  And beach massages… lots of beach massages!  SU demos kept those ladies hopping!  Their tent was full all day as long as they would stay… some folks were doing 2 a day.  I was happy for 1 (a day, duh!)  😉

Here is my happy peanut head in my riding helmet since I was leading Ken all day.  hehe  We did this with Aussie friends Linda and Paul Dalke who we first met on the Hawaii Incentive trip.  Linda gave Judy Pinner and I a personal tour of Sydney Harbour when we went to Australia for OnStage, great lady!

The ziplining was amazing!  With several wonderful friends including some from our Beijing group, and Robyn Cardon, my roomie in Brisbane.  It was great to finally meet her hubby Brian, too.  Great folks on this adventure, including Sara and Sean Douglas (SU CEO and hubby) and their daughter Sydney.

There was lots more fun in between all these pics.  The pool was amazing… as was the fun we had with Lisa and Verlyn Fast as us 4 stalked the folks walking above the pool on the bridges with our squirt guns… ahh, good times!  hehe

Also great dinners with friends. including catching up more with Zoe Tant from the UK and her family again (they all ziplined, too!).  Zoe and Martin were in the cabin next to us last year on the Med Cruise.  More friends we would have never met otherwise… check out Martin and Ken with the Thai beauties below… yes, Ken, I see that big ole grin!  What an amazing venue and event this was.  Over the top!

I got a pic with Ken enjoying his drinkie right from a coconut.  He loved that!  And there was my brave friend Jennifer Blomquist dancing on stage, the SU logo carved in fruit, an elephant guest, and one of my favorite pics at the bottom.  This pic is of my friends Pip Toddman from the UK, me for the USA, and Jackie Noble from New Zealand.  I met each of these talented ladies when I when to the global Onstage events in Europe and Australia.  How amazing that I am lucky enough to have these global friends, a true blessing in my life!

Stampin’ Up! is making the dreams I didn’t even know I had come true, I am so thankful I opened my mind to the opportunity 9 years ago.  And so is Ken.  lol  And I love that we both have friends we look forward to seeing and enjoy spending time with.  And you know we will all be working hard to be together on that fabulous Greek Isles cruise they announced.  Come JOIN US ALL!

Ready for the next blog and more fun memories?  Click on the names below to see the other folks joining in on this GLOBAL blog hop.  Hope to see you next month!  #gvachieversbloghop  Scroll below the names for my fun Thailand trip motion card.

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