Welcome everyone to this month’s Global Trip Achievers Blog Hop!  And this month we are highlighting the fun we all just had at the OnStage events we all attended.  There is one LIVE event every 6 months, and a bunch of Local events in the countries that are not hosting the Live event that time.  I am from the US, and the nearest ‘Local’ event was about 5 hours away while the Live event was in Brisbane, Australia… pretty much on the opposite side of the world.

So guess where I wanted to go? YOU KNOW IT!brisbane-wordThere is nothing like the opportunity to travel the world, and when you arrive, have new friends to meet and greet with a hug!  Stampin’ Up! folks are the best!!!

I had talked my buddy Judy Pinner into taking this trip with me.  She was almost convinced and then an offer of a generous demo from Brisbane (Ann Lewis) to allow a couple of overseas demos to stay with her at her home, sealed the deal and Judy was in!  Although the trip started out with a kinda big hiccup (yeah, we MISSED to flight to Sydney from LA), we think it all happened just the way it was supposed to.  Quantas got us on the next flight to Brisbane, then a hop down to Sydney were we had planned to spend a day sightseeing.  I mean, really, we might not be back in the neighborhood for a while, right?

The ‘fate’ part of this is that as I told of our somewhat MISadventures in LA, a friend that lives outside of Sydney saw it and came to our rescue.  I met Linda Dalke in Hawaii on that incentive trip a couple of years ago and we had just kind of hit is off.  She is fun and just a genuinely lovely person, and she saved the day for Judy and I, picking us up at the Sydney airport and taking us on our own private tour and a wonderful, relaxing afternoon in Sydney at the harbour park by the Opera House.  Here are some fun pics.


Then on to Brisbane to meet our hostess for the week, Ann.  I wasn’t able to stay at her home after all (she has cats and I am allergic) but she was an incredible hostess and took us all around Brisbane for a couple of days.  More pics to come, but here is a fun one of me, a cuddly koala, Judy and Ann at the animal sanctuary she took us too.  How cool is this?


So many more pics but will add some later, now on to the fun of getting to the actual SU event!!!  This started Thursday and it was like old home week!  FB friends we had chatted with, now we got to hug!  So wonderful!


I found some FB friends and some amazingly creative folks I have long admired and got some quick pics.  And of course you always got to see the fun Stampin’ Up! staff and spend quality time with them.  Nothing like the fabulous Shannon West rushing you as you try to take a dignified pic… But hey, that is the norm at these things… FUN!

Here are some shots of the CentreStage events (see how I spelled that like an Aussie?)  Such wonderful folks here, my world just got a little smaller and I know these will be friends for a long time!


I am getting caught up in looking back at my pics and I need to publish this post’!  EEK!  And tonight is the first time I get to see my wonderful team of Tada! Stampers wince I have been home.  So cutting this off now and hopefully will add more pics later.

One word, if you get a chance to go to a Stampin’ Up! event, DO IT!  I can not believe how this company has enriched my life, to very thankful!

Click on the names below to see the other folks joining in on this GLOBAL blog hop.  It is so fun to be a part of the Global Stampin’ Up! community.  See you next month!