Welcome everyone to the FIRST Global Trip Achievers Blog Hop of the Stampin’ Up! Year!  This year, we have all earned a fantastic trip to Thailand in the summer of 2017, so we are all still really excited to travel so far… nothing I would have ever gotten to do without Stampin’ Up!  My husband and I are so truly grateful!

So on to the project I have for you.  The theme is inspired by nature.  And yes, this is a stretch, but lots going on around here lately. 🙂

But I was thinking what in the world could be MORE natural that a State Fair?  I sure don’t see this much nature usually!

We actually live in the biggest city in North Carolina, USA, but this is a rural state and farming and livestock is BIG here.

Well, everywhere but where I live.  lol2016-10-20-15-19-35

You know, I just can’t remember the last time I saw a 1000lb pumpkin in uptown Charlotte!

So what does the State fair have to do with Stamping, you may ask?

Well it turns out they have a category for Hand-stamped Cards!

We went last year and I saw the cards entered and thought next year I am so doing this.  And I did!

Yes, it was kinda scary, what if all the superstar stampers come out when I decide to enter one.  But hey, gotta enter to win, right?

So I was thinking all year what project would be cool enough to win?

Maybe something sparkly to grab attention, the judges must love bling, right?  Surely!

When the holiday catalog came out and I saw the Detailed Santa Thinlits Dies, I just knew there was an awesome project there!

In the spirit of over the top SUPER blingy, I got out all my glimmer papers.  Even some retired ones.

And I started cutting a Santa face square out of each.

I wasn’t sure what my plan was at first, so needed stuff to work with.

A retired glimmer (sorry) turned out to be the best ‘frame’ and I put this on some sticky label sheet.

All these little pieces were needing to be stuck, and stuck down well!  The sticky sheet worked great!

santa-cardAfter 3 hours of me and my little pieces and pokey tool placing the pieces into the ‘frame’, I was really happy with the result!

I trimmed up a gold glimmer frame and then cut the word ‘jolly’ out of the bottom of the gold.

Then it was easy to cut a red glimmer jolly to fill back in that space.

Argh, slightly off-center!

Will have to do, this baby is not getting re-done!

So last Thursday, my hubby, daughter and I made the 3 hr trip to the state capital (Raleigh) to see the fair and learn how Santa did in the judging!

It was very exciting to look for the handicrafts & hobbies building and the papercrafting section.

Then I saw the section.  My sweet Santa was behind a glass panel, protected.  Along with his big ole Blue Ribbon!!!  YAY!

And here I am, tickled to death pointing to Santa and the ribbon.santa-with-ribbon

Boy, I can’t wait to make a shadow box out of Santa and his Blue Ribbon and the CHECK!  Did I mention there is $$ for getting the Blue Ribbons??? Wow!  This category gets a whopping $17 for a big win!

Did I mention we are a rural state?  lol  That just means I won’t mind not cashing that check, it is going in the shadow box, too!

My first try and I win the Blue Ribbon.  I think I will quit while I am ahead.

But who knows?

I am sure there will be new projects in the new Stampin’ Up! catalogs over the next year that call my name.

There always are!

So until next month, here’s looking at you from the NC State Fair!


Click on the names below to see the other folks joining in on this GLOBAL blog hop.  It is so fun to be a part of the Global Stampin’ Up! community.  See you next month!