Welcome everyone to the last Thailand  Achievers Blog Hop!

This month we are sharing our favorite (so far) stamp set from the Holiday Mini catalog that is now available to order from… YAY!

Painted Harvest Photopolymer Stamp Set #144783 Price: $21.00

The stamp set Painted Harvest was an early fave with me and my team.

In my previous post, I told of a recent Tuesday team gathering where we were playing with glossy paper and how the ink behaves differently on this type of cardstock.

And as we continued to play with the glossy cardstock and the Painted Harvest stamps, I did another couple of cards that really cemented it’s position as my favorite Stamp set!

Christmas with a ‘fall’ stamp set?  Sure, just change up the ink colors.

(click to see bigger)



By stamping the fall flower in shades of green only, it is now a cute little wreath!

I used Berry Burst for the base card this time and also for the sentiment, so a non-traditional set of colors for a holiday card, but so pretty together.

The Sentiment from the Snowflake Senitiments stamp set had the big greeting I needed for this card.

And since I had used the Berry Burst, one of the new in-colors, there is a fun new in-color embellishment this year you may have messed.

These are the super cute little self adhesive bows available to match the new in-colors.

Perfect embellishment for this cute wreath!

I liked this wreath so much that I wanted to make one a bit bigger.

The longer leaves in Painted Harvest would work so I stamped those around a punched out circle of post-it note in the top center of the glossy paper.

(click to see bigger)

After going around the circle ones I was able to remove the post-it circle  and go around a couple more times with other greens to finish off this wreath.

And now it is time to fess up.  When we play on Tuesday nights, not everything goes perfectly the first time.

But sometimes you learn as much from your failures as you do from your successes.

I actually stamped the sentiment on this card in Cherry Cobbler… and smeared it after stamping because it was still wet for a bit.

That was a real bummer because the wreath was great!

I sprayed some Stampin’ Mist on a paper towel to see if I could wipe the whole sentiment off the glossy cardstock.

That didn’t work, but it ‘smeared’ some really nice color all around the sentiment!  That was cool, so I smeared some Cherry Cobbler all over the white background and it turned out to be almost Berry Burst!

Putting it on a narrow mat of Lemon Lime Twist and a base card of Berry Burst worked great!

Back to the Itty Bitty Bows (which I now adore!), the Lemon Lime Twist one worked great on this wreath.  Another favorite embellishment lately, the Metallic Enamel Shapes make great gold ‘berries’ on this card.

Yep, I thought this card was a goner, but it ended up teaching me a new trick on glossy paper.  Never give up and don’t be afraid to ‘mess up’, even in front of friends and other crafters.

Creativity is a journey… I am glad you are on this journey with me.  😉

Next month starts the Alaska Trip Achievers Blog Hops and I get to play in that one, too!  Yay,

Now on to the blogs of some other Trip Achievers to see what their faves are.  See you next month!

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