Hi friends, and greetings from Port Canaveral, Florida!

This morning,  Ken and I are starting a week long adventure a doing something totally new for me… hosting the first TaDa! Stamping at Sea Cruise!

Ken has been excited  for weeks, watching you tubes about the Carnival ‘Magic’, a new ship with so many things to do on board and the 4 different destinations. None of which were harmed in the fall storms, so that is a good thing.

I on the other hand, have been figuring out projects and supplies needed and hoping like heck that I don’t forget anything!

But as we drove on a section of I-95 we had never been on yesterday, and got off the Port Canaveral exit, the excitement was there and I couldn’t wait to meet my fellow cruisers and get started!

We got a little extra treat last night that Ken just loved, an unexpected NASA launch of a previously scrubbed mission.

This was a Military Launch for an early detection system for when others launch missiles at us, so very glad that sucker went off well this time.  I just know that baby will be in the news someday soon.

As we get up and moving, meet the rest of the cruisers coming in today, give them their kit of presents and project materials for the week, we will be busy and talking and being excited.

So I will just leave you with this card from my recent playing that sums it all up.  Seas (seize) the Day!  Hang with some friends and have fun crafting.  And if you can do that while sailing to the beautiful and hopefully warm Western Carribean, well, you will be as happy as I am today!